Paediatric Chinese Medicine


All Welcome

At Peninsula Child and Family Acupuncture we treat the whole family, including your little people! Like biomedicine, Chinese Medicine treats people at every age and stage, from babies, children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged people, and older adults.
Behavioural, emotional or sleep problems
ADHD, Autisim, failure to thrive
Constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal pain & cholic
Ear and nose
Ear infections (otitis media), nasal congetion, sinusitis, hay fever
Recurrent infections
Asthma, frequent coughts, lingering cough
Eczema, atopic dermatitis, hives (utercaria)
Frequent urine infection, bed-wetting, incontinence

We use a variety of techniques that can be used to treat your children and young people, these include:

      • = newborn to 17 years

        • = 13 to 17 years

          About our Practitioner

          25+ years' experience working with children, teenagers and their families.

          Understanding children and the ability to connect with young people is an important part of the healing process. The benefit of visiting us is our experienced practitioner. Rachael has over 25 years' worth of social work experience working with children and young people. Rachael enjoys dividing her week between her role as a primary school social worker, educating the community in Youth Mental Health First Aid, and working at Peninsula Child and Family Acupuncture.

          When to avoid paediatric treatment

          It is recommended to avoid Shonishin if your child has a fever, as the treatment may slightly raise their body temperature. Chinese massage (Tui Na) and Shonishin will not be used on your child's broken skin or areas of irritation, such as eczema for hygiene reasons.